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In accordance with new legislation, from May 26 2017 we will no longer sell puppies without a breeder supply number, from that date, the law requires anyone giving away, supplying, selling or advertising dogs or puppies must have a supply number that identifies the breeder of that specific animal.

Those details will be held on a new register, the Queensland Dog Breeder Register.

The new rules;

  • Those selling and supplying dogs must have a valid breeder's number attached to the animal
  • That number must be displayed alongside the dog being offered for sale
  • Anyone who breeds then wants to sell, give away, advertise puppies or dogs must register
  • Dogs and cats must be fitted with a microchip linked to up-to-date contact details
  • Dogs and puppies can still be surrendered to shelters without having to register 

The penalties;

  • Failing to register as a dog breeder (maximum penalty - $6,095)

  • Not updating changes to registration details(maximum penalty - $2,438)
  • Not micro-chipping a dog (maximum penalty - $2,438)
  • Not providing a valid supply number when supplying or advertising a dog (maximum penalty - $6,095)